How High?

As a young girl, I attended Sunday school regularly. My aunt and uncle would pick my twin brother and I on Sunday mornings and on the way we would pick up a box of doughnuts and Starbucks hot chocolate (maybe that’s where my addiction to the Seattle-born coffee shop began?). I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t help but have a tiny crush on my church pastor. His name was Morgan. He was tall, dark, handsome, and much too old for a 5 year old girl like me…but who doesn’t love tall dark and handsome?

Each week, after Sunday School finished, I’d sprint outside, panting with flushed cheeks to find Morgan waiting for me. He’d grab my hands tight, look me square in the eyes and ask with a big goofy grin, “Are you ready?”
“Of course!” I would screech excitedly. He’d lift me three times as I jumped as high as I could.

Each time I jumped, everyone in the church would yell in unison, “JUMP – FOR – JESUS!” The last jump was always the highest and most dangerous. My head almost touched the ceiling. It was a tradition we started after I had attended a Sunday school lesson about doing everything for Jesus which I had, as a five-year-old, translated to mean I should run, play, and yes, even jump for Jesus.

Now I am older…and though only slightly taller, I am fairly certain that if I jumped for Jesus with Morgan now he might throw his back out and I would leave church concussed. Yet the same principle that I had applied as a child seems to still make sense now.

Of course we should be jumping for Jesus. It’s the least we can do.

He jumped for us. More than that, He gave His own life for us. He sacrificed everything. He experienced a separation from God that He had never felt before  He did not just jump…He made the ultimate leap from perfect union with the mighty God of the Universe to darkness and sin…for us, because He loved us so much

I think Jesus is asking us to jump. I think he wants us to leap. I think he wants more for us than the comfortable lives we’ve slipped into effortlessly.

In the past year, I have found that the ultimate question is always whether or not we are willing to jump for the Lord.

This is a blog about my journey in jumping high for the Lord. I am searching for what it looks like to be different from others around me and give everything to the God who gave everything for me. I hope you enjoy following along!


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