The thin place

I remember you here, in this place. This place where the Heavens drop down and flood the ground with goodness and light. This place where your love is tangible through goosebumps in the afternoon and windy whispers in the morning. I remember you here, the way you walked toward me. The way you met me when I was lost & grabbed my hands. So gentle, so steady.

I remember you well.

“I’m ready” I said, my voice so sure, yet my feet failed to follow. I asked you to lead. You asked me to trust.

Hesitation. Fear. Uncertainty. My feet still feel so heavy. Trusting is so dangerous and so hard. Will you catch me? How far of a fall is it? What will it be like?

Your eyes met mine. They were so warm, so full of love. “I will catch you.”

Weight lifted. I walked to the edge, eyes squeezed shut and step out.

The feeling, I remember it well. Free falling into your arms. Your promises were true. You caught me. Green pastures, quiet waters. My soul made new.

I remember you there, in that thin place. The place where you met me and revealed your love. I remember it well.


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