When hope falls from the sky

I walked slowly through the neighborhood as white flakes swirled swiftly around my head. There is something so magical about the first snowfall of the year. The sense of awe and excitement it brings. The hopefulness of it. The way it seems to wash the world clean with its simple purity.

Silence fell on the neighborhood along with the fresh layer of powder that covered the ground beneath my feet. I closed my eyes to breathe in the cool air and exhaled as I let my mind wander to thoughts of you.

I wondered what you must think of the tiny crystals falling from the sky. I imagined that you must be just as excited as I was. Your simple enthusiasm for the beauty of life had always been contagious. It hadn’t taken me long to fall in love with the way you viewed the world with such wonder and excitement. Nothing was ever tainted with worry or stress in your world. Life was beautiful and full of opportunity. The world was your own little playground. Oh, how easy it was to adore that about you. How easy it was to want to view life like that, too.

I found myself wishing I had your hand to hold as I weaved through the neighborhood sidewalks dusted with snow. I found myself smiling as I pictured squeals of delight as we would dance in this world of white with pink cheeks and frozen toes, throwing snowballs and chasing each other, the neighborhood echoing with the sound of our laughter.

My thoughts are interrupted suddenly by the shrieks of children stumbling down a snow laden hill at the park. Their eyes are bright with wonder as they wrestle in a flurry of white, piling onto one another in a big bundle of giggles.

My gaze returned to the frozen ground as I thought again of the magic of snow. The hopefulness it brings. I thought about my own hopefulness in this “in-between” season and my dreams for myself as I work to grow in faithfulness and strength. I stopped to stare at the world of white around me and let my mind flicker back to you for just a moment more. I hope that someday you will you see the beauty of this season and my desire to grow. I hope that someday I will get the chance to hold your hand in the snow.


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