The girl behind the words.


My name is Alyson, but if you met me in person I would tell you my name is Aly.


I don’t necessarily prefer the name Aly, but growing up I attended rodeos regularly (yes, for real)- I had my own set of pink boots and a pink cowgirl hat and everything- and in no time, I fell in love with the sound of a southern drawl. No one can resist the voice of a southern belle who pronounces thing like “thang” and with that in mind, I decided at the ripe age of seven to start speaking like the barrel-racing southern sweethearts that I was always around. My attempt failed miserably when people would ask what my name was and it came out as a two-syllable name I’ve never heard of, “Al-sin.” After working on my accent for so long, it has become the way I naturally speak (a way of talking that is completely unique to me), so instead of working to start enunciating my name better, I just tell people my name is Aly.


So, with that long-winded explanation, please, let me reintroduce myself…hey y’all, my name is Aly! I am passionate about loving people and serving. My favorite thing to do is “espresso myself” with lattes and pen and paper. I like Thai food, and making fun of Juan Pablo on The Bachelor with my three best friends on Monday nights, and the sound of the ocean brings me insane amounts of joy. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, a place stereotyped for being home to tree-hugging hipsters, significant amounts of rain, and ungodly amounts of caffeine in the form of Starbucks lattes. I’ll give it to you straight…the stereotypes are all totally true and totally awesome. My world is outrageously beautiful.


My hometown is Tacoma, Washington. Some like to call it “Tacompton” because it has a reputation for being what todays younger generations would call “sketchy.” In reality, Tacompton is my home. It is the city that my twin brother and I spent countless hours memorizing on long bike rides in the summertime as middle-schoolers.


Growing up, I was that nerdy kid who wrote stories and essays for fun. I liked being in control and I loved the thought of being in charge of choosing and manipulating words to create perfectly crafted sentences. I have countless journals filled with lists, thoughts, and stories….all serving as written evidence of my broken, beautiful life. My hope for this blog is to share in writing with you some of the thoughts, dreams, and lessons I learn as a college student pursuing a life of loving Jesus and loving people. I can’t promise perfect writing or ideas, but I can promise heart-felt honesty.


Let the journey begin!





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